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Vollendung, Krönung, höchstes Gut, und was es mit uns Menschen tut. In Worte das zu fassen, Muse dazu einzulassen, herausgefordert wurd' ich Mal: nun dies zu tun, es mich befahl. Schönheit schildern, ob ästhetisch, literarisch, ob poetisch, die größten Dichter nie gelang, die höchste Stimme nie besang. Was konnt' ich, nur erdgeboren, leisten, im Konzept verloren: Begriff' wie selig, Perfektion, Idee wie Liebe in Person? Angesichts der gold'nen Sinnen, lässt kein Ausdruck sich beginnen. Dann, die Klärung mich beschlich, Fro- und Wahrheit fanden sich — beschrieb einfach deins und dich.


Semper Augustus (2013)

struikelend en tuimelend, hun weelde voor haar glans, de machtigste als eerste, voor haar, een dodendans korte tijd hun alles, de toekomst in haar macht, ook zonder levensteken, verblijdde met haar pracht smachtend naar haar liefde, de wens in heel het land, ijverzucht en afgunst, dichtbij doch was de brand de fictie van haar kunnen, die droom van wit met rood, dat kleine beetje leven, had ondergang gepoot haar warmte werd hun neergang, ze had toch zo beweerd, haar schoonheid is een teken, hun keus bekritiseerd het moet haar zijn vergeven, het eind van menig ziel, zij zelf is toch bezweken, aan wat allen overviel haar naam niet voor haarzelf, voor haar geest was goed gevat, struikelend en tuimelend, de mens het snel vergat



pacing among pictures of life now rotten passing lovers parted and names forgotten lo the sadness season as old trees fall bare observe the cold and grey moss where hues not dare striking barren branches wind flies by and hears a gathered group singing hymns replace their tears an attempt to face reality to death we all must bow you, once brightly blessed obliged to silence now


Game Maps

I'm keeping these online for nostalgia's sake: game maps I created for competitive DOOM II (1994), played e.g. through (now-defunct) csDoom or (still under active development) ZDaemon.

Good times.


Punaxe CTF (pnxctf.wad) — A capture-the-flag map intended for larger (e.g. 8v8) games, which were up and coming around 2005, but seemed to have lost some ground to intensive small-scale 3v3. Includes a number of strategic novelties, opportunities for constructive teamwork (and sabotage), trickshots, hiding places, and calculated refreshments.


Punaxe Arena (pnxarena.wad) — 1-on-1 deathmatch with a dark twist. This darkmatch map consists of a single, relatively small open space, but with lights dimmed to the point that you won't see each other most of the time. Only when firing, picking up items, or wandering into the bright centre will you give away your position to your enemy, provided they have a keen eye and ear. This brightly lit centre, of course, is where the best goodies are kept, but you may have to linger for a dangerously long time to try and get them first...


The Lost Tomb (losttomb.wad) — This FFA deathmatch map is centred around the sphere room of DOOM II's map16—a favourite of mine, but lost on many people as the winning strategy (camping in that very same room) can easily frustrate the other players. In this edit, maintaining control over the megasphere remains a winning strategy, but this is now significantly more challenging due to additional attack routes leading into the room. The rest of the map is built from scratch for additional skirmishes, with a familiar element from map01 thrown in and, some ancient Egyptian handiwork, and ... a lost tomb.


Alison Carroll as Lara Croft